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​People Development

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We believe that organizational transformation can only occur when people are transformed from the inside out. At Human Equation, we specialize in changing mindsets and getting people to buy into the concept of change that will take both them and the organization to new levels of performance. We do this by giving you realistic solutions that are customized to your needs.

Our key strength lies in being able to identify, design and deliver exactly what programmes individuals need to help them grow and fulfil the organisation’s business goals.


We combine quality training with real-life application to your business environment, ensuring that all our programmes are relevant to your specific needs. This offers the flexibility for your people to achieve a maximum learning experience through a range of formats, from personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to group programmes.

We also offer a broad portfolio of programmes that can be customised to your needs by utilising real-life case studies and scenarios, ensuring delegates have ready solutions they can apply immediately after training. Some of the programmes pillars we have delivered are listed below.

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Programme Pillars



A true leader not only inspires people to follow but can effect behavioral change and impact team performance. Adaptability in leadership styles in order to drive change and produce performance is key for successful leaders. 



Discover how to set and achieve highly successful strategies for achieving personal, departmental and organizational goals with 50% more success. Improve sales language and analytical skills to ensure sustainable growth.



Employees with emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence are four times more likely to succeed. Evoke self realization and self motivation for your people to become high performing individuals and teams.



Deliver powerful presentations and and successfully manage your stakeholder relationships. Sharpen your negotiation and influencing skills through the power of  language. Win at handling conflicts and media engagement.


        Design Thinking        & Innovation

Understand users' goals, challenge thinking, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype. Enhance cognitive, strategic and practical approaches to conceive solutions to problems and up your game.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Fast-track the growth of high-performance individuals with this all-encompassing certification that imparts tools on communications, coaching, leadership, self-management and people-management. Beneficial for life.

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